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Class 12th Business Study

Unit - 1

1. Introduction – Meaning, nature, concepts, advantages.

2. Reasons for transacting online, Categories of e-commerce.

3. Planning online business, Nature and dynamics of the internet.

4. Pure online vs. brick and click business.

5. Assessing requirement for an online business.

6. Designing, Developing and deploying the system, One to one enterprise.

Unit - 2

1. Technology for online business – internet, IT infrastructure.

2. Middleware contents, Text and Integrating e-business applications.

3. Mechanism of making payment through internet.

4. Online payment mechanism, Electronic payment systems.

5. Payment gateways, Visitors to website.

6. Tools for promoting website.

Unit - 3

1. Applications in E-commerce – E-commerce applications in manufacturing.

2. Wholesale, retail and service sector.

Unit - 4

1. Virtual existence – concepts, working, advantages.

2. Pitfalls of virtual organizations, workface.

3. Work zone and workspace and staff less organization.

4. Designing on E- commerce model for a middle level organization.

5. The conceptual design, giving description of its transaction handling.

6. Infrastructure and resources required and sys tem flow chart.

7. Security in e-commerce.